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Florsali, accessories and flamenco flowers

In Florsali we manufacture all kinds of accessories for flamenco fashion. Our accessories make up two large lines, flowers and jewelery. The specialty that places us as a leader among the firms in our sector are flowers, in which we have been experts for many years, with designs ranging from the most classic to the most avant-garde, having a very extensive offer.

Year after year we have been including new ranges of products, to have everything we have today, combs, earrings, necklaces, in various lines such as acetate and metal, shirts, flamenco shoes and bride, embroidered shawls, blankets … a wide collection between which our customers can meet their needs. Innovative designs and adjusted prices, are our hallmark, improving day by day to adapt to the new trends in the world of flamenco fashion.



Our company has 35 years of experience in the sector. As leaders in Spain and growing more and more abroad, Florsali relies on a team of professionals who work with the sole hope of providing the essence of our roots through our products.


Complementos de flamenca

The customer, first of all, likes to have access to many alternatives. The rose is still the favorite flower for the flamenco dress.

For the varied designs and for their versatility, our flowers are also indicated to decorate ceremonial dresses or other uses.

We are accustomed to using the most diverse fabrics, taffetas, satins, gauze, as well as other topical materials. As in previous seasons, the flowers are very large and very colorful, with a predominance of red, fuchsia and orange. In another area, in relation to our proposals in costume jewelery, we work a lot on acetate alone and in different combinations, with balls, nacre or rhinestones. As for hair ornaments, we have combs and combs in the most diverse shapes and sizes.


Complementos de flamenca

Our clients look for design, quality and price. A perfect balance between the three, this is what we at Florsali are experts in, because we have a good team of professionals dedicated to making this possible.

In the large number of customers we have, growing every day thanks to our good work, we can differentiate many types. Passing through specialized stores, textile wholesalers, haberdasheries and even dance schools, most of our clientele are flamenco fashion stores and accessories, many of them with a great prestige in the sector. Although the bulk of the firm’s consumption is Andalusia, we have good customers throughout the national territory, thanks to the fact that we have a wide commercial network that allows us to be represented in all the Spanish provinces. We also export, mainly to countries such as Germany, France, Italy and the United Kingdom, with Japan having the highest demand. In terms of production, 90% of the items we distribute are manufactured by ourselves.

Sobre nosotros 3On the demands of our customers today, what they want to see first of all are new features, even the price goes to the background. Another of our conditions is an agile and fast service. Thanks to our flexibility and capacity in production, we can afford to manufacture the products on the fly, in our facilities, and with great agility.

Complementos de flamenca

We renew every year all our collections while we increase the offer. We propose a wide range of prices that meets all requirements. Some people are inclined towards the economic because dressing in flamenco is a punctual event and there are those who decide on the high-end, with which some accessories can be used for other occasions.

About the times of greatest demand, although our products are sold throughout the year, are the months between October and June in which sales gain more strength.



Diseño de complementos de flamencaThe department that constitutes the heart and soul of the company is the one of design. Our professionals capture the latest trends in flamenco fashion and adapt them to the taste of our customers, always maintaining a very own style for which we are always recognized.


Thanks to the new technologies that the Internet puts at our fingertips, Florsali has made its products known to the whole world through the constant dedication and effort of our IT department and its extensive experience in the network, Florsali has become the company of the most visited sector on the internet.

Proof of this is that the Florsali web page, which can be accessed through the address, has achieved in all the search engines the first positions in related searches.

Our website started 12 years ago being a small page with hardly any content, which after several renovations today has become a reference website for all people interested in flamenco fashion, to which it offers not only one more form to be able to visualize our catalog, but also a wide range of information related to flamenco and Andalusia, showing the world our customs, our art and our culture.


Florsali en internet

Currently our website is accessible in 5 languages, Spanish, English, German, French and Japanese, which allows us to maintain an average of 5,000 unique users who visit us from all over the world.


Florsali has proven to be a very innovative company, not only in the collections of complements that it offers, but also in its way of making itself known.

Therefore, we are always in constant renovation, to offer a fresh and young image, in continuous improvement and development, getting a very attractive and clean advertising.


Florsali, fabricante de flores y complementos de flamenca