Mantillas bordadas

The embroidered veil is a garment that has a long tradition in Spain; being in Andalusia where it is especially rooted. Its origin is in the veil that women once used in celebrations of a religious nature.

At present, the mantilla is permanently fashionable, it is used in all kinds of events and ceremonies, as a complement even in festive dresses; Especially essential to complement you when you go as a godmother.

Being a very delicate and special garment, all our blankets are manufactured entirely by hand by experienced craftsmen, on natural silk tulle, and embroidered with yarn of the same silk.

Although the most classic, black and white predominate, now we also offer a great variety of colors in our embroidered blankets, and with different motifs, that together with your mother-of-pearl comb, dyed nacre, color or shell -the possibilities are many-, they will achieve a perfect set with your dress.

In our flamenco fashion online store, you can see all the models we have available; as well as in the showroom that we put at your disposal in our facilities.