Peinas de madrina

Peines and earrings of the highest quality for godmother and girlfriend, to look stylish and very elegant in any type of celebration.

Elegant, simple, comfortable and easy to wear, our godmother accessories will make you perfect. They are ideal to combine, for example, with one of our shawls or embroidered blankets.

Sizes and designs very varied among which you can choose, in colors such as shell, nacre or bull horn, which will make a perfect contrast with your dress.

All our accessories for bridesmaid and bride are made in acetate, completely handmade by expert hands, putting the utmost care in each piece so that the result is perfect. Combs, earrings, brooches, hairpins … everything you need!

In addition, we have the ability to manufacture custom models, especially for you.

In our bridal accessories online store, you can see all the models we have available.