Complementos de flamenca de acetato

Our collection of flamenco accessories in acetate is an excellent line of products that marks the bulk of our market in terms of combs and earrings is concerned, adapting to all tastes and flamenco styles. Models for women, girls and baby, in a wide variety of colors to choose from, to be the latest in flamenco fashion.

Acetate is the material most used today in the manufacture of flamenco accessories, as it is flexible and very resistant, of much more quality than any type of plastic. We also have the advantage of being able to make, since we have our own design and production team, completely customized models for our customers, apart from all those included in our catalog.

Flemish combs, combs, brooches … everything you need to be a flamenco style. We have a huge assortment of flamenco earrings that range from classic hoops to the most innovative designs.

All this, made in Spain, completely handmade, by the hands of very expert people who will give each piece a special touch and a lot of love.

In our flamenco fashion online store, you can see all the models we have available.