Flores de flamenca

In Florsali we have been producing flamenco flowers for more than 40 years, an experience that has undoubtedly placed us as leaders in the market, offering flamenco flowers of excellent quality, ranging from classic styles such as rose, to very avant-garde and exclusive designs that make it possible to take our flowers not only as a complement to flamenco, but also in any other type of event or ceremony.

The flower is the main complement for the flamenco dress, it is indispensable. Therefore, we are accustomed to using the most diverse fabrics; taffetas, satins, gauze, as well as other current materials, which provide a wide variety of alternatives, among which you will always find a flamenco flower suitable for you. As in previous seasons, the flowers are very large and very colorful, with a predominance of red, makeup or fuchsia.

Our flamenco flowers are made in Spain, completely handmade in our facilities. Available for women and girls, in a wide range of colors.

In our online store of flamenco flowers, you can see all the models we have available.