Mantones bordados

In Florsali we are manufacturers of embroidered shawls. Also known as Manila shawls, they have become today a garment that every elegant woman must wear; both accompanying the flamenco dress and for any type of event, being an inseparable complement of the Andalusian culture and its parties.

With natural silks of first quality, our shawls are embroidered completely by hand, in the traditional style. The lattice is also made by hand, knot by knot, by expert hands that make each shawl unique.

We have a great variety of models, different in embroidery and lattice, some of them with unique designs; in a full range of colors to combine them to taste.

Being made in Seville, we can also make custom embroidered shawls, completely customized for each client.

In our flamenco fashion online store, you can see all the models we have available.